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Forever Falling - The Jack O'Neill 100 Word Society
Where Jack fans speculate in 100 words.
Forever Falling
Title: Forever Falling
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: none
Warnings: Implied J/D slash
Challenge: Vertigo

Homg. This just would not write and I hate it D: BLAJHRIORIEQFJJDHKDFMES

It took a split second, an instant of uncontrolled need and lust and fuck-it-all thinking. The world exploded in a kaleidoscope of colors and feelings. As my lips crashed into his, the world tilted upon its axis, and the sky slid sideways and then downwards. A wave of vibrant vertigo slammed into my mind and time lost all meaning as I fell downwards into the burning light.

            You pulled back with a gasp, and I felt an overwhelming sense of panic at the thought that maybe I had lost you for good, but your eyes spoke differently. They burned with an unconcealed lust, an effervescent streak of radiance.

            I smirked, just a bit, and you yanked me closer, slamming my mouth against yours. The ground wavered underneath our feet, and I lost focus with the world around us, and I gave myself up to the whirling lights and colors and muted roaring.

OMG it sucked D:

And I hate cutting and pasting from word :/ The font is stoooopid.

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